Ana’s Coconut Hemp Milk contains young coconuts and coconut milk has a tendency to separate when chilled in the refrigerator. The coconut cream begins forming on top. Just shake it up firmly and enjoy. You can also place it in your blender for the ultimate smooth consistency.

We pride ourselves on providing truly organic products meaning ingredients that really come from the earth. With that being said, no ingredients grow the same. Some coconuts are sweeter than others. Some dates are sweeter and chewier than others which in turn slightly effects the taste of each and every bottle.

Coconut is the key ingredient which contains the fat contributing to the calorie count. The fat content in young coconuts contain both long-chain and medium-chain fatty acids. This being considered the “good fat” meaning your body absorbs and processes it properly converting it into energy faster. This is why we say one bottle is fulfilling enough to substitute a meal!