All Natural Plant-Based Milk for Low-Income Women, Infants and Children

Studies have shown that a large number of Americans cannot digest dairy milk and it is not a daily nutritional necessity. Furthermore, studies confirm dairy has been linked to an increased risk of asthma, eczema, obesity, and other health problems.

As a mother of three, all of my children suffered from negative side effects such as colic, constipation, skin problems, etc. due to dairy-based formula. Walter Willet of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University stated “The body can function just as healthy or more healthy with no dairy at all.” In fact, in young children, cow milk affects iron absorption and is a well-known risk factor in iron deficiency anemia. This condition affects more often African American and Hispanic babies and children. Plant-based alternatives such as nut milk were the alternatives my family used to remedy these problems and also gave my children the added nutrition they needed in the morning and throughout the day.

As a result, we began researching and making our own milk at home and noticed an immediate change in our children’s health, skin, and bodies. We were so glad we made the transition and now we vow to help other mothers and families have access to more natural, healthy, organic options.

The Milk 4 Moms initiative/campaign’s mission is to provide all-natural, organic, non-dairy milk options to mothers, their children, and grade schools across the nation.

It is also our belief that dairy milk should not be considered an essential part of adolescent nutrition or be an exclusive option to families under public assistance programs. Organic, plant-based milk alternatives should be available to low-income families, especially mothers, infants, and children under government assistant programs such as WIC, etc. Additionally, plant-based milk options should be made available to public schools.

Milk 4 Moms aims to bridge the gap and provide these alternatives to low-income families and schools starting right here in the District of Columbia. As our country continues to fight against this deadly COVID-19 virus that has ravished our nation, it’s only right that our nation’s capital, DC, and surrounding areas lead the way in turning the tide in providing healthier options.

Milk 4 Moms will be working directly with Ana’s Market delivering alternatives all over the DMV area with a specific focus on low-income neighborhoods and schools.