Our Story

We are a homegrown health-based company focused on providing natural, dairy-free alternatives that are not only delicious, but healthy.

Our products are derived from the need to provide our loving baby a healthy and natural alternative to formula. As many babies do, our Ana struggled with the negative side effects of baby formula. Dealing with everything from colic and constipation, to skin breakouts, we quickly grew weary of seeing her suffer, so the research began.

After extensive studies on milk alternatives and other dairy-free recipes, Ana's Milk was created! 

We began experimenting for a few weeks, using our recipe versus the formula and noticed an immediate change in her skin, body, and overall health. Now as a healthy thriving toddler, Ana not only still drinks the milk today, but our entire family enjoys it and all the benefits that come along with it. We are so happy we made the transition! Now we vow to stick to our promise in helping other families become happy, healthy, and whole.

We firmly believe that everything our
bodies need come from the earth.

All of our products are packed with nutrients and other benefits that your entire family will enjoy. Keeping families happy, healthy, and whole is our priority and we vow to maintain that belief in all production.

You skin and body will thank us later!